G’day and welcome to the *other* side of vaccines.

The side not mentioned on the government websites that always appear first on your google searches. The side rarely covered by a media monopoly that relies on vaccine makers to pay their wages. The side being deliberately and systematically silenced by Big Tech and social media moguls.

I started this page to share the research that I find, and to offer resources for other parents who are taking a closer look at vaccines – usually after their child has been injured or harmed by them. I’m not a doctor. I have no university degree. But I do have a child that was affected by vaccines. You can read my story in the About page.

If you are new to the vaccine issue, you probably have lots of questions. (I know I did!)

These articles and resources (all fully referenced) might help to answer those…

Question: Aren’t vaccines tested extensively before being approved? This article explains the sad reality of science today, and how pharmaceutical companies can use their vast influence to manipulate results and data.

Question: But why did so many people die from infectious diseases, before vaccines were invented? Read here for a brief walk through history and the hard lives our ancestors endured: 15 Reasons Why Millions of People Once Died From Infectious Diseases

Question: Aren’t vaccines effective at preventing disease? The vaccine industry is built on the notion that you can aquire immunity by stimulating antibodies. There’s just one small problem – antibodies are not responsible for immunity, and that discovery was made nearly 80 years ago. This article explains in detail how vaccines *appear* to work.

Question: But why did diseases decline after vaccines were introduced? This excellent article, which is not my own, uses government statistics and graphs to show that all so-called ‘vaccine-preventable’ diseases were declining, before the vaccine was introduced.

Question: How are vaccines made? The answer will probably surprise (and disgust) you, but if you’re feeling bold, this article explains, in laymen’s terms, how vaccines are actually made. (Also happens to be the Number 1 Most Read Article, on this site).

Question: Why are more and more people becoming ‘anti-vaxxers’? There’s a misconception that the so-called ‘anti-vax’ movement (which is made up primarily of people/parents who once did vaccinate, and suffered side effects, some devastating and irreversible) is a recent phenomenon. That could not be further from the truth. This article briefly outlines the history of the ‘antivax’ movement, which has been active for over two centuries.

If you have further questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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