Vaccine Hall of Shame: Dr. Saul Krugman

Dr Saul Krugman (1911-1995) was a pediatrician, and medical researcher. In his quest to study hepatitis and develop a vaccine, he experimented on mentally-disabled children at Willowbrook State School, on Staten Island.

His method of study was to collect feces from sick children, add it to chocolate milkshakes, and feed it to other disabled children, in order to study how and when they got sick.

Yes, chocolate poo milkshakes.

Krugman reasoned that nearly every child would get hepatitis, anyway (the reason for this will become abundantly clear as you keep reading).

His work was funded by the US military, who were apparently keen to find a cure for hepatitis, after it had wreaked havoc on American troops, during World War II.

Willowbrook State School was an institution for severely mentally disabled children and adults. There were very few options for those severely disabled children, at the time, and desperate parents signed consent forms for their children to take part in ‘vaccine research’ in return for a place at the school. One mother remembers asking why the experiments could not be conducted on animals, instead, and was told that would be ‘too expensive’ [1].

The school was opened in 1947, on Staten Island, and designed to hold 4000 residents, but for many years, 6000 residents were crammed into close quarters.

In 1965, Robert F Kennedy, then a New York Senator, paid an unannounced visit to the school, and was appalled by what he found – squalor, neglect and stench. He later testified before Congress, that the place was a ‘snake pit’ [2].

Seven years later, a local television news reporter, Geraldo Rivera, snuck into the grounds and filmed the appalling conditions that residents lived in. Some were naked, some were smeared in their own excrement, or banging their head against a wall. Staffing levels were woefully inadequate to provide proper care. The footage can still be viewed online (it is very disturbing) [3]. He says “It’s almost 50 years and speaking about it still makes me cry”.

Rather than using his influence to clean up the filthy conditions that fostered ill health, Krugman chose to deliberately sicken children, so as to study the progression of disease.

Not only was Krugman lauded for his work, receiving the Robert Koch medal, and other prestigious awards, he later became President of the American Paediatric Society.

Krugman is credited as having paved the way for the rubella, hepatitis and measles vaccines that are currently on the childhood schedule.

Strangely enough, his son, Richard Krugman, would later become head of the US Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, and still publicly defends his father’s work…

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