Hello, I’m Kate!

I’m a wife, mother, and freelance writer.

I never dreamed that, one day, I’d be so passionate about vaccines (of all things).

When my first son was born in 2005, I knew very little about vaccines. I didn’t know what was in them. I didn’t know how they were produced. I didn’t know how they worked. I didn’t know how they affect the body.

All I knew was that ‘everybody’ got them, and it never crossed my mind to question or opt out.

As the months passed, my baby boy seemed to be sick every other week. If it wasn’t fevers, it was coughing, and if it wasn’t coughing, it was vomiting and if it wasn’t all that, it was hand-foot-and-mouth disease. They told me it was normal. I worked in a medical centre at the time, and my son was a regular patient.

 Then, in 2009, my second son was born, and life would never be the same. While I was pregnant (and still working in the medical centre) the great ‘Swine Flu Panic’ was in full swing. Our medical practice was in utter chaos, as people lined up out the door, and nurses rushed in and out in full protective gear. It was within this environment of fear and unease, that I was convinced to have a flu vaccine, because somehow that would protect me from the ‘swine flu’. I was around 7 months pregnant.

It still didn’t cross my mind to question or opt out.

A week or so after being vaccinated, I began to suffer from a double ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics. It took weeks to get the pain and swelling under control. My son, Judah, was born soon after.

He was vaccinated at birth, with the standard Hepatitis B vaccine, along with Vitamin K. It still hadn’t crossed my mind to question or opt out…but that day was coming.

Soon after birth, it became obvious that he was a very irritable, colicky baby. At eight weeks, I took him to the neighbourhood clinic to have his vaccines – right on schedule. Within 48 hours, my irritable, colicky baby was even more so, and he broke out in a red itchy rash on his arm. The doctor diagnosed him with ringworm, but soon it had spread all over his torso and legs, despite the use of anti-fungal creams.

Another doctor diagnosed him with eczema. I took to sleeping beside him, and we would doze on and off through the night, between my rocking him and rubbing his back, as he squirmed and yowled in discomfort.

At four months, in a sleep deprived haze, I took him back to the neighbourhood clinic to have his next round of vaccines. Within days, the eczema flared up worse than ever and my baby boy was so utterly miserable. I went to numerous doctors, hoping to get answers, but nothing seemed to work. We trialled medication for silent reflux, thinking that might help his digestive issues, but to no avail. Finally, one nurse said in exasperation “Some babies are just difficult! You’ll have to wait for him to grow out of it”.

I couldn’t accept that my baby was ‘just difficult’ and so I began to search for answers outside of the conventional medical system. I took him to a naturopath who, within minutes, declared that he was suffering from internal thrush (candida overgrowth). He administered a homeopathic remedy, and gave me detailed instructions of what I had to change in our diets and lifestyle.

He explained how the body attempts to detox through the skin, if the liver and bowels are not working sufficiently. He asked if my son had been vaccinated…Well, yes actually. A lightbulb was starting to come on now. He encouraged me to investigate vaccines, before I consented to any more.

(Years later, I would read a mother’s account of her son’s symptoms as a baby, but she unknowingly kept vaccinating, and her son ended up with severe autism. The symptoms were exactly – EXACTLY – what Judah experienced. The difference in our story, is that somebody warned me about vaccines before his little body reached ‘tipping point’, and we stopped. I thank God for that man, who could have bit his tongue, and kept quiet…but didn’t.)

Within a month, my Judah was sleeping through the night (for the first time), his skin was clear, and he turned into a smiley, delightful little boy.

He was due for his six-month vaccines. I simply cancelled his appointment, and began researching.

That was almost a decade ago, and I still haven’t stopped researching.

In the beginning, I read articles wherein others had already ‘decoded’ the research for me, but over time, I began to read the medical journals and research articles for myself.

In 2016, I decided to write a list of all the reasons I no longer vaccinate myself, or my children. Over several days, the list grew and grew, until I had 101 reasons why I no longer vaccinated. At the time, I thought it would simply be a social media post.

I decided to gather some references to back up each of the 101 points, and it grew longer and longer. At the time, I was living in the Pacific Islands, in a little fishing village beside the ocean, with a new baby…and no electricity.

Once per week, I would organize someone to look after the baby, and I would get a lift into town, to the internet café. There, I would pay $2 per hour, to perch into a little booth, in front of an old computer, and start researching, jotting down notes and references in a notebook. After a month or two, I realised this was going to be a lot bigger than a blog post, and started to envision an e-book.

As it continued to grow, I decided to make a full book. At one point, about 6 months in, my USB stick was somehow corrupted, and many of my files lost. I spent a week pondering if I really wanted to continue…and then realized that I couldn’t not. Over the years, I have heard so many heartbreaking stories, lives destroyed by vaccines. I couldn’t quit now. People needed to know this information.

So, I started again. It took almost three years, during which time I had another baby (my fifth), lost my laptop during a severe cyclone which ripped part of the roof off our home, and flooded all our possessions. I had to wait six months before I returned to Australia, and was able to get another computer, and take up where I’d left off.

My book, ‘The Other Side of Vaccines’ was published in 2019, and is now available on Amazon and Book Depository. I am currently collecting information for a second book.

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